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Puppy Pricing

  Because our puppies are in such high demand, most of them have been selling in the $4000 range. $5,000 for tiny/teacup size or dark colors.   We do not produce dozens and dozens of puppies each year like puppy mills. These prices might surprise you but we are unlike any other breeders out there and I stand behind my puppies with a no-regret guarantee as well as a one year health guarantee! What is it worth to you to be able to buy your MOST LOYAL BEST FRIEND for the next 12-16 years!? :) Feel free to ask for references of families who have adopted from us before...many of them multiple times! 

 $4000 - $5,000  Each...unless otherwise agreed upon. Taxes covered by me.

Additional info below....

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What to Expect & Frequently Asked Questions

Where are they delivered/raised? Your puppy will be born in my bedroom/bathroom with me carefully monitoring and helping mom all through the night. (I do not leave them alone because they usually only want to be in my lap getting their belly rubbed and won't let me leave!) They will stay in my room until puppies are 3-4 weeks old then I move mom and babies into the dog/nursery room ( dogs have their own room!) where they will be exposed to more noises and get used to being around the family and other dogs more, and learn a sleep schedule. 

When can our puppy come home? Normally I keep each puppy until they are 9 weeks (so I can get their 1st AND 2nd set of shots for you at the vet and work on crate training) but tcup/tiny sized ones I may have to keep longer (10-12 weeks old). It just depends on how they're doing and how well their mom has weaned them. (I never take them away from their mom early!) Once you have reserved a puppy with a deposit, I will send weekly updates with their current weight and new pictures so you can see how they are growing and developing. It's fun to see how they change and you'll be surprised how you fall in love even before meeting them! 

What if I'm not available to pick up the puppy that day? If you're not able to pick up your puppy when it is ready to leave (usually 9 weeks old) then I charge $25 per day to hold it longer. I understand if you're having to get a flight or work out a travel schedule so I will work with you on that.  I do not hold longer than 1 week unless we have made other arrangements to do so. 


Will I be on my own once the puppy comes home?  Definitely not! I give one on one breeder support before AND after your puppy goes home. I will answer all your questions (if I don't know something I'll call my vet) and be there for you for the life of your furbaby. 

Why support Michele's Maltipoos?

 I put more time and work into my puppies than any other breeder I've ever met! We practice grooming training, noise training, socialization, and sleep training.  TIME is so very valuable!! You won't find many who are willing to get up all through the night starting around 4 weeks old to start the crate training process like I do. (In fact I haven't found a single breeder who does all of this!) It's a LOT of work and with kids of my own it is very exhausting! I have to have some reimbursement for all the hard work or I'd be insane to keep raising puppies the way I do. :) And something else i've learned that i feel is a huge advantage of buying from me is that I will actually answer ALL of your questions! I haven't figured out why it's so hard for a breeder to answer my questions when I send 3 or 4.  They might answer 1 or 2, but even after repeated attempts, they NEVER answer all my questions. Working with breeders that make you wait DAYS for an answer to your question is torture! When I'm excited and want to know about a puppy or dog, I want to know the answer yesterday haha! So I understand when you're trying to decide what breeder to trust and have questions for them you want to hear back soon. You will either get my response immediately or within a few hours...definitely SAME DAY! My personal experience has been that working with some breeders is so stressful because you'll send a list of questions but they'll only answer one, or they won't respond for you panic thinking you're missing out on other puppies while you're left waiting for a response from them. Don't worry, ask my husband, it's like i become your slave during this process....he's seen me get up and let my dinner get cold because I was answering phone calls or responding to texts because I didn't want to make the family wait. I am trying to have some boundaries because I know I need to always have my family time come first, but I do understand how it feels to have to wait when you're anxious so I will respond quickly!  Make your breeder EARN your trust and money....I have been so disappointed in my search for breeders, and it's a shame how dishonest some of them are! Many of them charge as much as I do and don't do HALF of the work I do!  PLease don't ever put down a deposit on puppies until you have researched a breeder and feel comfortable that they are going to be honest and help you through this entire process.  I've recently dealt with a breeder who was helpful, up until she got my deposit....then she wouldn't answer any of my questions and became very rude anytime I had a question. She woulnd't send pictures, she wouldn't send weight updates, and just kept telling me I needed to "stop stressing her out with questions and trust her because she's been breeding for 10 years and knows what she's doing."    I gave her a 4-5 day break between questions and she still told me i needed to quit bothering her.  I was lucky and got my money back, but for some it's too late and you'd be stuck buying a puppy from a breeder like that! So please ask questions before putting down a deposit with a breeder!  I was foolish and trusted her online ad that said she was a small hobby breeder, but after I dug a little deeper I found she was a kennel with at least 5 different breeds of dogs (also raises cats) so she was not the kind of breeder I would have wanted to support. I made the mistake of falling in love with the pictures on the ad and didn't do my research on her like I should have. I've filed complaints on her with the BBB but unless someone researches that first, she will continue getting away with treating people like that so it's sad. And the crazy part is, she's like MANY others that I've dealt with...I wish there were stricter rules put in place for breeders but unless people hold them accountable and stop buying from them, they'll continue to get away with their practices. Sadly, puppy mills stay in operation because people just look at price and don't consider the fact that they are helping the puppy mill to stay in business. 

A few other things that determine my prices are quality (my stud, THOR, has some of the most impressive bloodlines you'll find and it took me YEARS to find this line to make the beautiful dogs that we have today. He has MANY AKC CHAMPIONS in his bloodline which helps to produce some of the most beautiful puppies.  Many of my females have champions in their bloodlines and I am EXTREMELY picky about the adults I breed. You may think the champion bloodlines don't matter to you, but if you want your dog to be cute when it grows up, then the quality of bloodlines should matter to you. Also huge factors are supplies used, time invested, and the amount of vet bills we've inquired for their care. 

Please choose the breeder of your puppy wisely!!!

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