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Hi! I'm Michele. I am a licensed puppy breeder located in Clarksville, Tennessee (just over 1 hour North of Nashville, Tn). I love DIY projects, playing/coaching sports, and being outdoors. I am dedicated to raising the best quality and best natured maltipoo puppies in the country! My hubby and I have been married 17 years! We have 3 amazing kiddos ages 16, 14, and 11. :) Nothing makes me happier than to have a family...and I've found that having dogs just adds to the joy! I love getting to spread that joy to others through our wonderful furbabies. I am an in-home hobby breeder because I have seen the difference it makes to have puppies raised as part of a family as opposed to in a kennel. I specialize in only raising Maltipoos (cross of the maltese and toy poodle) because I truly believe they are the best natured of all the small breeds, & definitely the cutest too!  I have no desire to become a kennel because I feel dogs/puppies don't get enough human interaction when raised that way. They need to be raised in a family and allowed to be with their mother until she feels they're ready to be weaned, NOT just taken away early so they can be sold quicker.  Being socialized properly is a huge part of what makes my babies so friendly. My kids are begging to hold them from the first day they arrive. I feel the way we raise them gives me an edge above other breeders who raise puppies for quantity...I choose to breed for QUALITY. Our puppies know what it feels like to be loved and that's why they crave human interaction so much.  We try to stay in touch with our adoptive families and I love getting all the pictures and updates from our babies as they grow. Almost every update includes something along the lines of, "we didn't know it would be this easy", "we can't believe how good this puppy is", "he/she was worth every penny!", or "we'd do it all again in a heartbeat!" (and many of them have come back again and again and given us lots of referrals!). :)   We hope you appreciate the difference that good quality adults and hard work makes and that you too will get to experience one of Michele's Maltipoos one day.  Please explore all the tabs on this site to learn more about us and hopefully it will help to answer all your questions and ease your fears about this potentially scary process. I've been in your shoes...I know what you're going through...I'm here to help make it a better experience than what I've personally been through in the past. I will do my best to make this a positive puppy-buying experience for you! :)


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