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Have a Question? Contact Us

After you have explored my site, if you have questions we have 3 ways you can get in touch. 

#1. Send a message via the form provided on this page.

#2. Send an email: 

#3. Fill out the"Puppy Application" form.

(click on Waitlist/Reservation Info at the top)  submit your info to me if you're ready to adopt one of our available puppies or be added to our waiting list. 


**In most cases you'll hear back immediately or within a few hours. (I'm more than happy to talk in person I just want to keep my family safe so I have set up this form to help me eliminate scammers.) I know how it feels to be excited and have questions so I try not to make you wait!

 ***IF I have not responded to you within 24 hours then it's possible I missed it or it was sent to spam...try again if you don't hear from me because I will NOT just ignore you. If I have any concerns I will talk to you about it so let me know if you haven't heard from me within 24 hours.

**We are located just outside of Clarksville city Tennessee. (just over an hour north from our closest airport, Nashville, Tn.)

**We always love for families to pick up in person so we get to meet you! They are able to fly home with you as a carry-on if you live out-of-state and want to fly in for pick up. (our airport is BNA/Nashville, TN) However, for the puppy's safety, and for my sanity, I do not ship cargo, BUT I do have a new puppy nanny who is very affordable and  she can fly your puppy to your closest airport. I also will meet in person within 1 hour driving distance from Clarksville, TN. 

 **Normally I have waiting lists for all my puppies so you'd have to get on the list since I don't have puppies year round. (All good breeders who receive referrals will have waiting lists so it's a good thing.) 

Thanks for submitting!

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