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Meet the Parents

Our Stud


AKC Champion Bloodline Maltese: Sons of Thunder Mighty Thor
4.2 lbs

There is no question about it, this little guy is a STUD!!! ;) He is gorgeous, and has the same bloodlines as our last stud, Zeus, he can produce the most beautiful babies you've ever seen! His pedigree is full of Champion show dogs.  The best part about him is that he's so lovable and a big sweetheart he just makes you melt! He has all the qualities of a maltese that I wanted such as the impressive bloodlines, black points, amazing personality, perfect bite, babydoll face, small stature, etc).   I could not be happier with this lil man and we are so excited to continue producing our little teddy bear maltipoos to share with others.

Our Ladies

AKC Red Toy Poodle: June Bug Gemma the Gemini

She's absolutely gorgeous and a total sweetheart! She instantly stole my heart when I first saw her as a tiny puppy.   She was an absolute joy to raise. The kids fight over whose bed she's going to sleep in but she always sneaks out and ends up in mine! She has the calmest demeaner of any poodle you'll meet.  She has been my constant companion after I had 2 knee surgeries from a basketball injury in 2020. She always slept with her head on my injured knee and was the best therapy dog. She's my sweet cuddle bug!


AKC Red Toy Poodle: Sweet Ruby Red Lips
7.8 lbs

I couldn't have picked a better name for this gem.  Ruby has the sweetest personality and she gives the best snuggles! She just melts in your arms when you hold her and once you start petting her she won't let you stop! She is absolutely gorgeous and I just love this loyal and sweet girl.    


AKC Red Toy Poodle: Lady in Red Scarlet Letter
7.1 lbs

Scarlet has a super dark red coat, with short little legs.  She has the kindest heart. Even when she doesn't have puppies of her own she takes stuffed animals into her bed to cuddle them at night. The kids love to play fetch and have races with her. She is a very sweet girl and loves to be rubbed and have all your attention.


AKC Red Toy Poodle: Miss Red Razzberry

Razzy is as loyal of a dog as they come. On walks she does not take her eyes off of me and does not leave my side even off leash. She is my shadow. We call her Spazzy Razzy because she will do anything to get you to hold her. If she had it her way she would be in your lap or behind your head on the couch all day. 



ACA Silver Beige Tiny Toy Poodle: Amazing Hazel Grace
4.8 lbs

Hazel is an adorable and petite girl who is so extremely sweet. She plays with all the puppies, even those who don't belong to her. She loves to lay in the hammock and snuggle with my daughter while she reads books. 

(Ember's little sister)


ACA Light Red Toy Poodle: Bright Glowing Ember


9.8 lbs

Ember is so friendly and outgoing. She is everyone's buddy! She is as sweet as they get. She's playful and loves to be in the yard watching the kids and cousins play wiffle ball. She thinks all toys are for her. I am constantly finding the puppies toys in her bed. 

(Hazel's big sister)

About Our Fur Family

All our dogs are raised in our home(parents & puppies!) We do NOT have an outdoor kennel/building! We have a fenced back yard for play & potty time but that's it. In our new home we built them their own dog room.  We do utilize crates, but they are our family pets. They take turns getting to sleep with the kids and we also rotate turns to take them on car rides to the ball park, Lowes or Academy or other stores that allow pets. They're sweet and loving, playful, and great companions! :) These parents have been carefully selected because of their good health and amazing temperaments and we feel that no matter if you pick a male or female puppy, you can't go wrong with a MALTIPOO  baby from these parents! I'm so picky that it has literally taken me YEARS to find exactly the adults I want to breed. My vet says I have higher standards for my maltipoos than most breeders do for their purebreds! When I'm looking for a new family member I have as much trouble as anyone else to find an honest, reputable breeder, but then it's an even more difficult task because I'm so picky about not only the dog, but I have high expectations for the breeder as well.  It's a very difficult process but I want to make sure the parents I have will produce the prettiest and healthiest babies ever. Not only is the quality a huge deal to me but the personality is just as important. It's like finding a needle in a haystack but I don't compromise on these things. If you're looking for a QUALITY furbaby with the PERFECT PERSONALITY to match...then you've finally found what you've been looking for. I've worked for many years to build this breeding program to earn the reputation that I have and I am confident you will feel like all the others who have adopted their furbaby from us. You're not just buying a puppy, you're adopting a family member. 

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