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Supplies I Recommend

Shampoo                                                  Play yard                                           Food/Water Bowls

Diamond Naturals Lamb Food              Crate                                                 Dog Bed

Nutrical/Karo Syrup                                 Puppy Pads                                      Chew Toys 

Cleaning Spray                                        Toothpaste

Grooming Supplies: (round-tip scissors,ear powder,metal comb & brush, small nail clippers)

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small and medium puppy food.jpg

Dog Crate

I recommend the fold up metal ones with a slide out tray in the bottom. This is what they are used to sleeping in at night. Recommended size is 18"W x 18"H x 24"L (something close to this size) The double door ones are the best in my opinion...they even come in pink and blue now if you don't want black. The extra door allows you to access the food and water easier if you buy the kind of bowls I use that attach to the crate (highy recommended to avoid spills)

Ear Powder

(if you're grooming them yourself or in between trips to the groomer) You need to keep your dogs ears clean and dry so they will not get a yeast infection. All non-shedding breeds have to have their ear hair plucked, otherwise it will retain moisture and cause an infection in their ears. If done right, it does not hurt them. You can ask your vet to show you how to do it. Ear powder helps to dry out any moisture to give you a solid grip so that it won't hurt them.

Grooming Accessories

Small rounded grooming scissors (for trimming the hair out of the eyes), dog brush and  metal comb (to make sure you get down to the skin and prevent matts from forming), and small nail clippers(usually found in cat section). Human nail files works great to round off any sharp edges the clippers leave. 


Any play yard or playpen is a great item to have if you have the space for it. You shouldn't give your puppy full roam of the house if you are not able to supervise at all times. Having a playpen will allow them to still have room to run around and play without setting them back in their potty training and will keep them safe from getting into things (like power cords) that they shouldn't. (we keep one in our living room so they still feel like part of the family, but they have access to their food/water, a bed,  as well as a puppy pad.  When I leave the house for more than 2 hours the puppies stay in the play yard so they can train to use the puppy pad while I'm gone. 


The link below is a beautiful option that I use which protects your floors and is adjustable to fit your space. (assembly required)  Prices vary so google different sites to find the best price. I got mine for $180. Mine stays at the 44" mark due to the vents in my floor and is plenty of space for when I'm away.  There are much cheaper options if you want or fancier ones too but this works for me.  (my only complaint is that the tray has ridges which makes it harder to clean up, but by the time they're old enough to go home you hopefully won't have to clean up as many accidents as I do.) :) 


 I use Sentry brand (Poultry Flavor) because some of my dogs HATE the mint flavor but they don't mind the chicken flavor. (i know, gross. lol)   Small dogs need regular dental care in order to live a long and healthy life. Their puppy teeth don't need brushed BUT you need to get them used to the task or they'll hate it as adults. Try to do it at least a couple times a week. 

High Quality Food

 At the beginning, your puppy should be fed "Diamond Naturals Small Breed Adult Chicken and Rice (OR small and medium breed puppy)  found  at or Amazon. This is a premium quality dry dog food and a great option for a healthy puppy due to the good balance of protein and healthy fats that you can use their whole life.   Studies have determined that 95% of dogs experiencing heart failure have been on the new "grain free" diet. Stay away from GRAIN FREE food!  *Don't switch their  food unless they have allergies or some other reason....they don't need variety like humans do.  When you offer them different options, you will find that they will become picky eaters. They have been eating the kind I have since the mom weaned them, so there is no reason to switch them just because they won't eat it the first day. That is NORMAL while they take in their new home and surroundings, and not a reason to start offering mulitiple kinds of food. If your vet recommends getting something else, find something you can buy locally (or get on an automatic shipment plan if you buy online).   *TIP* It saves money to buy the 18 lb bag because its a better deal and put it in an airtight dog food container....but they also have a smaller bag available in 6 lbs. 

*Never give puppies table scraps, it will make them picky and they will not get proper nutrition because then they'll quit eating their dog fod. They can also become obese and that is never healthy! Feed 2-3 times a day depending on age of your puppy.  Beware of giving too many treats! These small dogs can fill up on them then they won't eat their regular food.

Stain Remover

 Any brand should work, but recently I've switched to using more "green" solutions with no chemicals but just get a spray that removes pet odors. Nature's Miracle is also a favorite.  It needs to remove the scent or your puppy will continue to go in that spot. 

Pet Bed & Toys

Any pet bed is fine. Puppies are not picky, they just want something soft.  Put a pillow case over the bed (pillow shams are best because they close on both ends or zip, and the puppies can't climb inside the case)to keep their sharp claws from ripping all the stuffing out when they're "fluffing" their bed. It's also easier to wash if they have an accident or come in with muddy feet. Years of replacing dog beds and I finally learned that trick! (i use the rectangular pet beds from walmart that are $6-7 bucks.)

Food and Water Dish

I prefer the ones that attach to the wall of the crate (coop cups) so they can't play in the water or knock it over. If you also have the playpen you should have bowls in there as well (water should be available at all times and leave food if you'll be gone more than a couple hours). No soft plastic for chewing reasons.  You can get these at walmart or pet stores as well but i  order online for convenience. I use 16-20 oz for the water, 8-10 oz for the food. (same size for puppies and my adults)


This is a high calorie supplement that you should ALWAYS have on hand (Karo syrup would be ok too) while your puppy is young. Puppies have such small stomachs that their sugar level can drop easily if they haven't had anything to eat in a while. or if they're extremely stressed. (tcup/tiny sizes are most at risk)

This drop in blood sugar is called a hypoglycemic attack. You might see them acting strange as if they have no energy to walk, or they may start shaking, or have pale/white gums,  you should quickly put a small amount into their mouth or rub under their tongue if they're too weak to eat it, and this could save their life! They should return to normal in just a minute and be sure to get them some food. (Don't try to take them to the vet first, it will happen so quickly they won't make it! Give the nutri-cal or karo syrup before doing anything else!)      If they are eating regularly they should never have a problem, but if they skip a meal or might be stressed from something (like having a lot of company over for a party or going to the vet), go ahead and give them a small dose just to be safe. ***This is not to scare you...we've only had this happen with 4 puppies in the 15 years I've raised them, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Puppy Pads

 I use puppy pads to give families who live in apartments (or states where it rains a lot!) the option to have their puppy go potty indoors when they can't go outside or don't have access to a yard. The 23"x 23" are a great size. I normally use Glad 100 or 150 ct but you may not need that many.   I've been using the charcoal puppy pads for years and like those a lot.  These can be used multiple times before having to change them out and you won't smell them

Dog Shampoo

There are so many choices this is really just your preference. It's true some last longer than others and some do help their skin and coat.  I've found a tearless dog shampoo that I love. I use Bobbi Panter Natural Moisturizing Dog Shampoo. If you like how your puppy smells when you bring it home then I highly recommend this. I love the smell and it seems to last longer than others, plus it's natural so it won't dry out their skin like others will. (it looks blue in the pic online when i ordered it, but it's green.)

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